Human Data on Covid-19

A massive global database aggregating useful information on Covid-19, provided voluntarily and anonymously by real patients from around the world. Our goal is to provide scientists, medical researchers and government officials valuable structured data on important medical, social and environmental variables to help detect patterns and better understand SARS-CoV-2.

This is a prototype to illustrate how such a system would work. It does not yet contain actual data. We are currently looking to consult EU institutions, epidemiologists, medical researchers, data scientists and front-line medical staff for their input. If the project interests you, please get in touch via email:


Despite international mobilisation, we know relatively little about the new SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. Our understanding differs from one country to another and although we have plenty of raw data from different government and medical sources, they tend to be heterogenous and not easily comparable. This makes analysis difficult.

What we need is one single massive global database on information about Covid-19 patients with a homogenous structure. And we need to get this information in a transparent way that respects individual and civil liberties and safeguards privacy.


How can I help?

If you are a Covid-19 patient, either officially tested or self-diagnosed, you can help by filling out our questionnaire and providing valuable information on your particular case.

If you are a medical researcher or scientist, you can use our database of structured information on symptoms, comorbidities, social conditions, treatments and environmental factors to run analyses and uncover patterns.

If you simply want to help us, spread the word on this project and let people in your social circles know about it, or get in touch with us. Please take the time to explain why we're doing this and the impact it can have.

Are you a Covid-19 patient? Fill out our questionnaire.

You can help us by filling out the questionnaire below. The more data you provide, the better it is for the scientific and medical community. Note: this project is still in the prototyping/testing phase and the database currently only has test data.

Please keep in mind that this is an open dataset that is publicly visible. We do not record any personally identifiable information, so please only submit information that you are comfortable sharing publicly. Once submitted, your answers will be associated with a numerical ID, and anyone accessing the data will no longer be able to connect your responses back to you.

If the form appears too small on this page, click here to access the full-page questionnaire.

Our Open Database

The following is a live database of all responses from Covid-19 patients we have so far received. Please note this project is currently still in the prototyping and testing phase, and that this dataset contains unreliable test data.

You can search, sort and filter through this data, and group and hide fields to display only information that interests you. You can also download a CSV export.

The dataset includes over 25 datapoints including:

If you would like to explore it more detail, click here to access it in full.

Who is behind this?

This project is led by Nina Leroy and Félix Satyal from Paris, France, and was built for the Global Hack hackathon held 9–11 April 2020.

Nina is a program manager and service designer interested in open innovation, public-private partnership, space and cosmology. She is the initator of the project and is passionate about using data to help those fighting Covid-19.

Félix (aka. Parimal) is a user experience designer interested in the open web, privacy, languages and aviation. He defends according greater importance to ethics in design and better educational programs around science and critical thinking.

Both Nina and Félix are supporters of the European Union, the European Space Agency and anything involving cosmology.

What next?

This project and the associated questionnaire and database are obviously only prototypes built in the context of two-day hackathon. As such, there are still adjustments and improvements to be made, notably in consultation with medical professionals, researchers and public health experts. This will be the next phase of development.

We understand that such an project would only create value for all stakeholders if supported by local and international institutions that the public can trust, such as the European Commission, the World Health Organisation, reputed scientific groups and/or local governments.

In the ideal scenario, we would host both the survey and dataset on highly secure state-owned servers (within the European Union), fully comply with European General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 and fully anonymise user-submitted data (by not recording any personally identifiable information, including meta-data)

We would also partner with local media outlets and local governments to communicate about the initiative and encourage Covid-19 patients to self-report valuable data.

Interested in helping out?

We think such a database would have enourmous scientific and sociological value.

We are actively looking to connect to people, organisations and institutions that might be able to support us. If you think you can help, please write to Nina and Félix at this address: